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Main feature:
1. The chest is very large and soft, with soft nipples, and the chest can be filled with water, close to the feel of a real person!
2. Real people call bed sounds, high simulation 3D eyeballs, heating stick simulation of human hands and feet
3. Integrated pubic hair design, easy to clean without installation, easy to use!
4, hair sets, the original is long hair (except special models)
5, complete default accessories, one-piece hymen free installation
6. Description of accessories: pump, lubricating oil, warming stick, repair kit, human voice, condom;
7, height 168cm, measurements: 86cm 63cm 88cm, weight 3 kg, 300 pounds of force;
Product Information:

Product Model: 5545323

Material: TPE

Product Size: 16.5cm x 13.5cm x 11cm/6.5in x 5.3in x 4.3in

Packing Size: 20cm x 21cm x 13cm/7.9in x 8.3in x 5.1in

Net Weight: 3kg

Gross Weight: 4kg

Heating Rod: It can be heated to 40¡æ(104¨H). It can not be heated for more than 5 minutes. Heating rod for USB socket.
Weight N/A