What Does A Blow Up Doll Feel Like

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Blow up sex dolls are a form of exercise, and sex life refers to the life of a couple. Both men and women can have sex under the premise of good health and feel similar. Therefore, we use the real feelings of users to explain the feeling of using the blow up doll.

 According to the “Daily Mail” report, a Japanese uncle, Senji Nakajima, fell in love with an blow up doll. The two “got along” very happily together. They often went on dates, boating, watching movies, etc., and the uncle even took her to Shopping, picking out clothes. What is incredible is that Senji Nakajima is married and has two children. It is this background that makes Japanese netizens think that his behavior of falling in love with an blow up doll is quite strange. In response, the uncle said that the blow up doll would not betray or deceive him. He was tired of the real people in modern society and they had no love in their hearts.

 Another 19-year-old young man shared his self-report: Recently, I have been thinking about whether I should find a young lady. After thinking about it, I am still afraid. It is said that 70% of young ladies have sexually transmitted diseases. If they get AIDS, it will be bad. Last night, I accidentally came up with the idea of buying an blow up doll. I thought it would cost more than a hundred (semi-physical). , then went into an adult product store and picked out an blow up doll. It was packaged tightly like a food bag, so it would not be discovered that it was an adult product. No need to say anything, I couldn’t wait to take it home. I immediately opened the package and used the matching pump tool to fill it up with air. After charging, I saw, wow, the height of the blow up doll is estimated to be about 160cm. At this time, I couldn’t bear it anymore. , after I played hard for a few minutes. Finally… I feel that although the blow up doll will not feel as good as a real person, it is almost close to that feeling. I just used it for a while and it’s really good. I came here

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