What is the correct way to use an inflatable doll?

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There are mainly six steps to use:

1. Most inflatable dolls are made of non-toxic silicone used in medicine. Their height and body shape are exactly the same as those of adults. Of course, they also have firm breasts and lower parts.

2. Unpack the box and clean everything with clean water and rag.

3. Follow the instruction manual to find the inflating port of the doll, and use the provided inflator to inflate the doll until it is full. Please do not inflate the doll too much, as it will cause the doll to burst.

4. After the inflating is completed, put lubricant used for human body in the bottom of the lower part of the doll. This lubricant is usually provided. If not, it can be purchased in general love stores.

5. When the penis is erect, put the condom on your penis, then hold it together and bring it close to the bottom of the doll.

6. After the passion with the doll is completed, pull out the penis, and then carefully clean the doll and yourself.

Although the role of inflatable dolls seems to reduce the spread of diseases on the surface, if multiple people use the same inflatable doll and the disinfection is not strict, it can still cause infectious diseases.

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