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When it comes to blow up doll, the question of which is the best depends on the preferences and quirks of the person who chooses it. However, there are some very important things you need to keep in mind when choosing a blow up doll to guarantee a perfect simulation and extreme pleasure when using it.

A blow up doll is a type of adult sex toy. Can replace real people to meet sexual needs, can be divided into male and female dolls, generally available in adult goods stores. A blow up doll mimics the human body and is made of silicone or plastic. When inflated, the volume is close to adult size. Soft and elastic after inflation. After deflation, it can be reused after cleaning.

Inflatable dolls are very helpful for real sex between men and women. The use of inflatable dolls can also regulate men’s emotions and fundamentally solve the problem of sexual needs. With the development of society, in addition to meeting sexual needs, inflatable dolls have other ornamental and collection purposes. Because many of them are beautifully made and come close to real people, they can be considered works of art. Of course, there are also children who dress up inflatable dolls, wear various clothes, make up, fix various hairstyles, etc. There are still many uses, so the market for inflatable dolls is still quite large now!

When choosing an inflatable doll for inflatable use, don’t fill it up, it looks good and comfortable. In this case, if the force is too large, it is easy to cause the inflatable doll to burst. It is recommended to charge to 80%.

Remember to clean the doll’s body beforehand to avoid bacterial invasion. When you’re ready for the doll, put a condom on your erect penis, apply just the right amount of lube, and choose your preferred method.

After the inflatable doll is used, in order to keep the body from being hollow, it is recommended to use an inflatable tube to suck out the gas in the body and compress it into a thin layer for the next use.

Although the role of inflatable dolls seems to reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases on the surface, if multiple people use the same inflatable doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will also spread. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the “inflatable doll” as your own exclusive use.

1. Open the box and take out the doll. You have to find a space as large as possible, at least 100cm x 50cm. Don’t throw the carton anywhere, keep it, because you’ll need it later when you want to send it back to the factory to repair damaged parts.

2. Tear off the plastic wrapping paper and check whether there is any damage during transportation.

3. Take the doll to the bathroom and degrease the doll. In order to make the body of the doll soft, oily ingredients are injected into the silicone inflatable doll glue, which can also make the doll emit a charming fragrance. This way, over time, grease will develop on the surface of the doll. Therefore, dolls should be bathed once a week to remove grease.

4. After the bath, dust the doll’s body with powder. Use regular baby powder. The purpose is to remove the grease while removing the oil, and at the same time remove the dirt from the body. Afterwards, rinse, degrease, dust, and wipe off powder and grime with a damp towel. After the doll is dry, powder it again to keep the body dry and clean.

5. When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the doll on. To prevent fraying on your fingertips, etc., wear stockings over your arms.

First of all, when choosing an inflatable doll, you need to see if it looks very beautiful. Beautiful and beautiful inflatable dolls can bring greater impact to the user in terms of vision and increase the visual effect.

Secondly, when choosing an inflatable doll, be sure to choose a product that feels good. It is difficult to irritate users without real touch. On the contrary, the existence of inflatable dolls with real touch makes it easier for users to quickly enter the state.

Third, many brands of inflatable dolls will be equipped with phones that simulate human voices in order to really create an authentic experience and improve the fidelity of the product during the manufacturing process. It is also very important to choose this kind of sound stimulation product, which is an important guarantee to increase the experience of use.

She will never lie to me and never hurt my feelings

In the real world, people are always imperfect. The maintenance of a good partnership requires both parties to learn to accept each other’s imperfections in the long-term run-in. If you refuse to accept it, then you risk losing the intimacy. The existence of inflatable dolls provides a better possibility for this rejection.

You don’t have to worry that she will empathize and leave you, and you don’t have to worry that she will suffer from princess disease, often arrogant, and even, you don’t have to worry that she will become old and youthful. She will be a heartfelt object forever, and as long as you don’t abandon her, she will live and die.

You can customize an inflatable doll

A worker’s wife died of cancer a few years ago, and he was heartbroken. He started dating other women, but none of them were interested in him. In the end, he found himself an inflatable doll. This inflatable doll looks very similar to his wife. Since then, he has lived with the inflatable doll and treated her as a normal person to take care of. There are not so many psychological roots, they just love someone very simply.

Inflatable dolls are cheap

Blowupdollshop sells inflatable dolls that are cheap, much less expensive than sex dolls, and easy to carry. The inflatable doll is made of PVC material. It feels like a raincoat. It has no experience at all. It can not only pose, but also feels tight and sticky. The so-called semi-solid doll is also an inflatable doll, just the head and the hands. And the feet are solid and the others are still PVC inflatable, come and find your inflatable doll.