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Female blow up dolls are life-size replicas of the human body that can be inflated by mouth or pump. They are usually made of PVC or latex and have openings for the mouth, vagina and anus. Some dolls also come with removable wigs, eyes and clothing. They are very easy to store and transport. They deflate easily and store in a small container, perfect for travel. A realistic experience is also provided, as they can be customized to look and feel like real people.

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As one of the most realistic sex dolls on the market, inflatable sex dolls come in different types, each designed to satisfy a client’s specific fantasies.

CHOOSE THE PERFECT SIZE: When choosing the right size sex doll, it is recommended to choose based on your height, weight and other measurements. The reason behind this is that it makes it easier for the user to manipulate the doll in behavior and get the best sexual experience. The synchronization of size not only enhances the stimulation and intensity of the behavior, but it also builds a certain type of confidence in the person using the doll.

Choose the right shape: Sex dolls are available in a variety of shapes, which have proven to be a beneficial and comfortable thing for clients. Some popular shapes are sexy breasts and asses, as well as skinny dolls with longer legs and smaller breasts and asses. It depends on the client’s choice, so make sure you choose the one that suits you best.

Choose the right material: It is common to see people choosing materials that mimic the feel of human skin when choosing an inflatable sex doll. But, like everything else, there are a variety of materials to choose from. You can choose from medical PVC, latex, silicone and rubber. Explore your fantasies and choose whatever your quirks tell you. Different materials provide different textures and feel.

Male blow up doll

The world of sex dolls is vast when it comes to male options. There are sexy lifelike sex dolls with large breasts and curvaceous figures designed to suit every type of sex, either alone or with a partner. These are designed by keeping in mind the desires of men, be it solo or anal sex. In fact, these are available in a wide range, giving men a choice that is comfortable and in sync with their fantasies.

Realistic blow up doll

These sex dolls are designed for those who want the most authentic experience of sex toys. The design, weight, feel and color of these dolls mimic the real human body to ensure users get the most realistic sex toy experience possible. Perfect for masturbation, this genre is very popular among men craving realism, as well as lesbians looking for the perfect sex toy.

Torso blow up doll

Torso blow up doll is a replica of the male or female half body. In other words, she is not fully human. For example, a male blow up doll is a female masturbation toy. This sex torso has a thick penis. Women can sit on the torso. Then insert the penis into the vagina. to experience orgasm. Also, Torso blow up doll comes in different styles.

Easy to store: You really want to have sex with blow up doll. But you don’t have much space in your home. Because you live with your parents or friends. At this time, a Female blow up doll is a good choice. They don’t take up much space.

Satisfying Sexual Needs: Is there a time when you want to have sex in particular? This is normal. Life needs fun sex. Whether it’s a man or a woman or a homosexual, it’s natural to experience sexual pleasure. Female blow up doll can meet different sexual needs. Men, like to enjoy different sexual pleasures. Female blow up doll has a vivid vagina, anus, breasts, and even a mouth. In other words, enjoying the full spectrum of sex is simple.

Cheapest blow up doll. Most full-size sex dolls cost thousands of dollars. Except for some miniature sex dolls, the prices are relatively cheap. You don’t want to spend so much money on sex dolls. Then blow up doll is the best option. You can buy a Female blow up doll for as low as $60.