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BLOWUPDOLL is committed to building a lasting and meaningful relationship with you, our consumer, and we recognize that this relationship must be built on mutual trust. This privacy policy sets forth how we collect, use and safeguard information you entrust with us. BLOWUPDOLL collects data to provide you with the best products, beauty experiences and personalization from our brands.

Everything we do, and the data we collect, are in pursuit of giving you a better beauty experience

We collect and use data to shape your beauty experience with personalized products, services and offers
We respect your privacy and choices. You can opt-out at any time
We do not sell your data
We require partners to abide by the law and protect your information
We will continue to evolve and update our privacy and security practices because retaining your trust is important to us

Our detailed privacy policy below describes the types of information we collect from you directly, from your interactions with us (our Sites and advertising), how we use it, how we protect and keep it secure, and your rights as our consumers. This policy is for consumers and visitors of our Sites. There is also a separate policy located on the BLOWUPDOLL website for job applications. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at