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Blow up male doll is suitable for female masturbation. For women, there are plenty of sex toys. Examples include dildos, vibrators, sex machines, and full-size female sex dolls. But there is no perfect sex toy. Because dildos and vibrators are cheap and easy to carry, they cannot experience full masturbation. At this point, Male blow up doll is definitely a good choice. blowupdollshop offers a wide range of cheap and high quality Male blow up doll sex toys. And the privacy package is guaranteed.

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Inflatable sex dolls are the perfect sex toys for both men and women. They’re designed to perform a range of functions and come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy your fantasies and give you the fun you’ve been craving. The best thing about inflatable sex dolls is that they provide the most authentic sexual experience through sex toys. These are popular among fantasy game lovers and also prove to be the perfect gift for passionate friends.


If you have a lot of vaginal juice, you don’t need to use lube. However, if your vagina is dry, then you should use lube. Before use, you can apply some quality lubricant to reduce the risk of injury and soreness, and to make anal and vaginal insertion safer. If you’re trying to use a Male blow up doll, it’s crucial to use a thick, long-lasting lubricant. Even more so if you want to try anal sex with a Male blow up doll.

Most of the male blow up dolls are made of medical PVC material, which is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, light in volume, easy to move inflatable dolls, and relatively cheap. A few use silicone and PVC materials. The factory uses silicone for the head and PVC for the body. Made of silicone, it is very similar to human skin. The shape of the head and body is close to that of a real person, and the size of the body is the same as that of a real person or close to that of a real person. The price is more expensive than ordinary inflatable dolls.

High quality blow up doll

The manufacturers we cooperate with are selected by our professional team, and we only provide high-quality Male blow up doll products. Our team members check the quality of products in each factory to ensure all dildos are CE and RoHS compliant. So you can always find some latest and unique blow up doll.

US/EU Inventory

To provide a better shopping experience, we stock some popular blow up dolls in our US/EU warehouse. The shipping time is only 2-5 days, which saves you a lot of time.

Safe and convenient payment method

Shopping at Blowupdollshop is safe and convenient, we accept Paypal and all major credit cards. Your payment is 100% protected by paypal or your bank.

Privacy Shipping

Blowupdollshop offers free shipping on all orders. Meanwhile, all the inflatable dolls will be packaged in an unassuming box, and no one will know what’s inside, providing 100% privacy for customers.

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