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Inflatable sex dolls are the perfect sex toys for both men and women. They’re designed to perform a range of functions and come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy your fantasies and give you the fun you’ve been craving. The best thing about inflatable sex dolls is that they provide the most authentic sexual experience through sex toys. These are popular among fantasy game lovers and also prove to be the perfect gift for passionate friends.


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In the eyes of many people who do not understand adult toys, most people know only inflatable sex dolls, or it can be said that inflatable dolls and sex dolls are the same product. In fact, the mainstream products are sex dolls, including some semi-solid and inverted products. In addition to having a similar appearance in shape, inflatable sex dolls and sex dolls are very different in other aspects.

1. Appearance

The appearance of inflatable sex dolls is basically simple and rough; sex dolls vary in the degree of fidelity in appearance according to the difference in price.

2. Material

The material of inflatable sex dolls is basically the simplest polymer organic compound such as PVC; the materials used for sex dolls are generally silicone and TPE.

3. Structure and use

Inflatable sex dolls have almost no structure at all, and are basically a pose; but the structure of sex dolls is better, as long as they are not products with body parts molded, they all have skeletons, and these are closer to real people in joint activities. Especially some expensive products can even do the activities of the finger joints.

Sex dolls are more widely used than inflatable ones, such as dressing up as some characters, cos, photography models, display models, etc.

4. Price

The price of inflatable sex dolls is basically not much, the price range is about 100-300 yuan, and there are some better, more expensive, and will be used with different channels;

The price difference of sex dolls is relatively large, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands. Sex dolls are basically worth every penny. Products with high prices are very good in terms of appearance and touch.

Five, advantages and disadvantages
Sex Dolls:

1. First of all its interior is not inflated but solid.
2. The feel of the touch is comparable to that of a real person. The complexion is radiant and delicate, and it is no different from the real one.
3. Each joint of the sex doll is made of polymer synthetic resin material and there is a mechanical support inside, so that it can change posture.
4. The quality of sex dolls is relatively heavy, basically weighing more than 40 pounds.
5. Sex dolls are generally more expensive.

Inflatable sex dolls:

1. The price is cheap;
2. Lightweight, some channels can be replaced;
3. The appearance is simple, there is no observability, and the scope of use is relatively small.

Inflatable dolls are one of the most common sex toys on the market. Inflatable dolls have helped many men, especially those who are relatively depressed. However, the most important thing to pay attention to when using inflatable dolls is hygiene, so be careful when storing them.

Check carefully

Remove the plastic wrapping of the inflatable doll and check if there is any damage during transportation. If there is any damage, notify the seller immediately

Degreasing and cleaning

Before using the doll for the first time, take the doll to the bathroom and degrease the doll. To make the body of the doll soft, an oil component is injected into the silicone, which also allows the doll to emit a charming aroma. In this way, over time, the surface of the doll will appear oily. Therefore, the doll should be bathed once a week to remove oil.

Talcum powder

After bathing, dust the doll with powder. Just use normal baby powder. The purpose is to take away the oil while removing the oil, and take away the dirt on the body. Afterwards, rinse, degrease, powder, and wipe off the powder and dirt with a damp towel. Then wait for the doll to dry, and then apply the powder again to keep the body dry and clean.


When your hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the doll on, and put stockings on your arms to prevent wear and tear on your fingertips.

Due to the particularity of adult items themselves, many people will choose to buy inflatable dolls online, but online shopping is always virtual. What should you pay attention to when shopping for inflatable dolls online?

1. Privacy protection

At present, adult products are still in a stage of development, and the fashionable circle may not accept openly talking about adult products, so when buying inflatable dolls, you need to pay attention to customer privacy protection.

2. The credibility of the business

The market is hot, and businesses can naturally see business opportunities, so there are also many unscrupulous operators. Therefore, when buying adult products online, you need to choose regular businesses and malls, and you need to confirm the delivery time, postage, etc. The two sides trade again.

3. Check the price and place an order

At present, there are many brands in the adult product market, so the price difference can be described as a thousand miles. The ones below 100 yuan are basically some small brands. Of course, some big brands also have several hundred yuan, but the high-priced ones are basically imported Japanese and Korean brands. Products, so see the price clearly before placing an order, so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble for both parties.